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Imagine. A mental shift occurs. A breakthrough. You feel confident you have a game-changing strategy to stay motivated, get long-term results, and still have the margin for a personal life.

Move Your Health Goals Forward with a Results-Driven Strategy Call

By now you’ve experienced at least one hidden barrier blocking your Weight or Fitness goals:


  • You want to develop healthy habits that give you more energy and a better quality of life, but your busy schedule won’t allow it.
  • Your habits are working against you and the momentum feels out of control.
  • You’ve made progress in the past but have been unable to sustain your results and have felt like a failure.
  • You’ve tried every fad, magic pill and have crushed your willpower trying to FORCE yourself to a healthy weight.
  • You feel UNDERMINED by your culture, your comfort zone and a lingering identity that seems to speak out loud in your thoughts.


If any of these sound familiar, there’s a SOLUTION. There are strategies to move you from where you are to where you want to be without the pain you imagine.

The greatest fallacy regarding weight loss and overall health is that it’s a personal battle, meant to be a test of your self-discipline and (Unspoken) self-worth.

All areas of success are a reflection of our ability to get on the Same Page with ourselves and become part of a culture that is committed to success (outside ourselves). 

Leadership begins inside ourselves but it is rarely cultivated from within. 

All success is built on 4 powerful pillars which require intentional development.

  • Mechanics – Fundamentals
  • A path for personal development
  • A community / Tribe for support
  • A Plan – a System – a Guide to follow

Imagining that logic or information is the key to Weight Loss and Optimal Health is flawed. Isolation is your greatest risk. Where do you turn when you have unspoken questions about your journey or help in the decision making process? Often we dare not confess weakness to our inner circle but we cannot make this journey alone.

You don’t have to go it alone. Strategize with a like-minded leader who has been through the same growing pains. Finally, you can close the open loops that are holding your health and sense of well-being captive. You have a calling and extraordinary potential. It’s time you discovered the precise steps to create breakthrough in your health.

After your strategy call, you won’t be limited by isolation, barriers and roadblocks and longer. You’ll have a clear strategy for Optimal Health



  • Create a crystal-clear vision for the results you want. A clear Definition of Success (DoS)
  • Identify the ENEMIES standing between you and your vision of success.
  • Uncover hidden challenges sabotaging your RESULTS.
  • Receive a clear outline of the steps you’ll need to lead with more passion, more purpose and have a flourishing personal life.
  • Leave the call renewed, reenergized and inspired to create a powerful, results-driven implementation strategy that gets things done.

Schedule your powerful, results-driven 30-minute strategy call and Health Assessment for FREE today.

  1. Identify your Definition of Success
  2. Determine if Health Coaching is right for you.
  3. Create an action plan so you can achieve breakthrough results.


Matthew DeYoung Leadership Coach

Greg Yates, Health and Leadership Coach

Greg and his wife, Vicki are certified health coaches customizing Optimal Health strategies for their clients on a full time basis. Greg has personal experience in struggle to create Optimal Health and Weight with an amazing before and after story. Greg and Vicki coach for success by helping their clients identify a Clear Definition of Success and practical implementation strategies.Greg is also a Leadership author, trainer, and blogger who spent more than 30 years building his own businesses.

Click the button below to claim your spot (there is no cost to apply or take advantage of this special, 30-minute call):


Is there a cost for this strategy call?

No. There is no cost to you. You’ll receive massive value from Breakthrough Leadership Coaching. Our goal is to provide you a true coaching session. We use the same strategies, tools, and methods we apply with our long term clients.

Can one, 30-minute call really make a difference?”

Yes. By the end of your call, you will know what actions need to be taken to move forward, and you’ll have a clear view of the solutions.

Is this strategy call right for me?

You should sign up for this Results-Driven Strategy Call for one of three reasons. If you’ve never had a coaching call and you want to know what it’s like. You already know coaching works for you, but you want to “test drive” Breakthrough Leadership’s program. Or, you’re not sure if leadership coaching would be effective for you.


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