Vlog Season 01, Episode 17, Greg and Matt discuss how precise gibberish and common language can change the culture of your team.

Too often, as leaders, you overlook the opportunity to use language to your advantage, especially to UNIFY your team.

These opportunities are subtle. And if you are unfocused, spending too much time talking instead of communicating with intention, you will miss it!

Precise gibberish is mutually understood. It doesn’t have to make sense to others, but to your team it’s the bond that makes them feel like family. Language can become the glue that brings your team closer together; all you have to do is leverage it.

In this episode you will learn:

– Why repeating yourself is the only way to infuse others with your common language

– How to instill in your team words, phrases, and sometimes gibberish that creates a bond within your group

– How to embrace moments when a common language happens on its own


1. Leverage Precise Gibberish By…Repeating it.

  • It’s hard work creating a common language.
  • Repeat it – until they speak it. And, don’t let up!
  • Eventually, what you have been saying will breakthrough and catch on.
  • Never, never underestimate what is finally spoken.

2. Leverage Precise Gibberish By…Spreading it.

  • It will happen organically with in the team that you have created.
  • Share your common language. Even if it’s gibberish and outsiders don’t get it.
  • Keep sharing it.
  • Infuse new team members with language that your team has developed.

3. Leverage Precise Gibberish By…Preserving it.

  • With out intentionally preserving the moments when common language is created, it will get lost overtime.
  • Sometimes, it happens by accident.
  • Look for the times that your team becomes linked together by language, and preserve those phrases. Repeat it and spread it.
  • Precise gibberish is born out of language that has meaning to your team.

Add your comments below: What is a funny, inside-joke story that you have from your team? What phrases or precise gibberish came from that moment?

About Matthew

Matthew DeYoung is a serial entrepreneur. He is the cofounder of Breakthrough Leadership. He has been a cofounder of six other internet-based startup businesses. His past consulting clients have included Walt Disney, Universal Studios, Target, NASCAR, and the NBA. As a learner, he is always trying to demystify the leadership aspects of business. Matthew has been married for 17 years and has two daughters.

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