In episode #9 of “Yates in Your Face” (#YIYF), Greg Yates challenges Leaders to stop relying on just “trying harder” to create personal growth.

If you don’t understand the underlying beliefs behind the actions and behaviors you want to overcome, change and growth will not happen. You have good intentions and the will to change. But, without digging deeper at the real root of the issue, you won’t find the breakthrough that your heart desires.

If you are ready stop beating yourself up about your failure to change watch Episode 9 of Yates in Your Face”, take control of your beliefs and stop just trying to change.


I’m sick of hearing you talk about “trying harder”. As if somehow you’ve been careless so far or that you didn’t really give it your best. Of course, right now it seems like it should be easily possible. You surmise you must not have given it your best. So, just trying harder… yea that will do the trick.

That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard! Yet, we lay that guilt on ourselves and others every single day. WHY? Why do we do it? Because we really believe it!

You believe it, right? You believe that if you just really get serious, boom, things will change. How’s that working out for you so far? I can tell you this; it isn’t working out for others. It isn’t working out for me!

Reality check… it isn’t that you CAN’T do it. That’s not the point. Of course, you can do it. I mean, it’s physically possible for you to do the right thing: to overcome that habit, to check your attitude, your response, and your anger. If it’s so easily possible, why doesn’t it happen? Because, you and I BOTH KNOW that you’ve had the best intent. You’ve desperately begged God to change you, but when the time comes it seems like autopilot.

Trying harder is like speeding up the treadmill believing you will cover more ground. You’re not going anywhere. You heard me. QUIT trying harder. It doesn’t work! What does work comes before trying. It comes before reacting. It comes before your failure. I guarantee that before meaningful change comes uncovering meaningless beliefs.

Buried within you are the beliefs that have patterned your life. Quit beating yourself up. Stop demeaning yourself. The levers are being pulled from behind the curtain by your unconscious beliefs. Take control of your beliefs, once and for all, and you can quit simply trying harder.

About Greg

Greg Yates has been a Chicago area businessman for over 30 years. He’s the author of the book, "Broken - How Being Broken Unlocked The Greatest Success of My Life". He has simultaneously owned 14 different businesses in a variety of industries; including real estate, manufacturing, payroll, and technology. Greg has also been an investor and a board member. He attended Olivet Nazarene University. He has a passion for flying. He’s had a pilot’s license for over 30 years and owned a variety of airplanes. Greg and his wife Vicki have been married over 37 years. They have a son, a daughter and seven grandchildren.

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