In episode 31 of “Yates in Your Face,” Greg Yates talks about what you really sign up for as the leader and why leadership requires more than just being in the room.

No team is eager to work for a leader whose only after a participation trophy. There’s no reward for backing down when the seas get rough; you’re the captain of this ship, no matter what the conditions are.

And, you won’t always get it right. But, you’ll have to take ownership of the direction you chose and the decisions you’ve made.

Leadership is a BATTLE.

And, the battle is the evidence that you are on track. The resistance will be the greatest just before you reach a breakthrough.

The path to success isn’t easy. But this is what you’ve signed up for: the wins and the losses.


It’s your first day in the new job and you’ve got this vision of cooperation, congeniality and momentum. We call that the honeymoon.

But sooner or later, guess what you discover? You’re a human being leading a bunch of other human beings.

You knew I was going to get around to it sooner or later. Participation trophy leadership! When you thought your job was just to show up and herd sheep. Have you ever heard someone say, “I didn’t sign up for this”?  Really. Well if you’re a leader, let me tell you what you ARE signing up for.

There will be conflict, resistance, and dissidents. You will point your leadership toward the unknown where growth is required and it’s not always comfortable. You won’t always be right but you’ll be expected to face the consequences of your decisions and actions with no excuses. Successes will be forgotten quickly, mistakes not so much.

You will continually be restructuring your thinking. Sometimes you’ll feel alone. And if you thought you’d be insulated from the arrows of attack because you’re in a position of power, you’ve missed the point.

Did you really expect there to be no conflict? The only way you can gauge the veracity of your mission is by the level of the resistance you face. That’s the ONLY thing that keeps ME going when the snipers attack.

The battle IS the evidence you’re on track. No worthy enemy is going to give up without a fight. You will get hit, you will fail, you will question everything, but, you can prevail.

I’m not trying to be a tough guy. I’m angry. Angry about the bondage and brokenness everywhere. Angry about our lies when we say, “I’m good. No problems. I’m doing fine “ We’re not all good. We are at war and that war is conducted within us. Stop posturing yourself against the wrong enemy or you’ll never have a team of Spartans guarding your back. Don’t expect to float downstream to success. Accept the pain, the brokenness you will experience and believe with everything in you for Breakthrough.

Of course, you want your team to love you. Players should love their coach. But players on a winning team love a winning coach they can go to battle with. A coach who prepares them for victory. There is no participation trophy leadership.

About Greg

Greg Yates has been a Chicago area businessman for over 30 years. He’s the author of the book, "Broken - How Being Broken Unlocked The Greatest Success of My Life". He has simultaneously owned 14 different businesses in a variety of industries; including real estate, manufacturing, payroll, and technology. Greg has also been an investor and a board member. He attended Olivet Nazarene University. He has a passion for flying. He’s had a pilot’s license for over 30 years and owned a variety of airplanes. Greg and his wife Vicki have been married over 37 years. They have a son, a daughter and seven grandchildren.

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