Vlog Season 01, Episode 14, Greg and Matt talk about the importance of listening to your team’s communication and how to infuse your own language into their vocabulary.

All of the language you and your team speak communicates something. But, do you really understand each other? It’s important to recognize that each person on your team might have a different understanding of what a given word means. As a leader, it’s your responsibility to make sure you are understood. Not vise versus.

In order to create success, your team’s communication needs to be clear and actionable. The first step in getting your team on the same page is to understand how they already communicate to each other in the work place.

Once you really understand what your team is saying, you will be able to shape a missional language, that everyone understands, that will drive your team to success.

In this episode you will learn:

– Why using the same words doesn’t automatically mean you are speaking the same language

– How to find a procedure you can use to get your team’s communication on the same page

– What type of language is required to accomplish your mission


1. Hearing Your Team’s Native Language Requires…Recognition.

⁃ Realize that you and your team are not speaking the same language.

⁃ Assume that each time you have a conversation, you might not be using the same language.

2. Hearing Your Team’s Native Language Requires…Translation.

You must take the lead in translating.

It’s not the OTHER persons responsibility to understand you, it’s your responsibility to be understood.

You can not jump to conclusions. Assumptions lead to failure.

3. Hearing Your Team’s Native Language Requires…Installation.

Understanding your teams language is a stepping stone to installing a missional language within your team.

You must teach your team YOUR language.

Often this is done by using their own language to bring meaning and connotation.

Add your comments below: What’s the biggest road block you have within the communication of your team? Beginning tomorrow, how can you approach this differently using this 3 step procedure?

About Matthew

Matthew DeYoung is a serial entrepreneur. He is the cofounder of Breakthrough Leadership. He has been a cofounder of six other internet-based startup businesses. His past consulting clients have included Walt Disney, Universal Studios, Target, NASCAR, and the NBA. As a learner, he is always trying to demystify the leadership aspects of business. Matthew has been married for 17 years and has two daughters.

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