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In today’s episode (Vlog Season 01, Episode 06), Greg and Matt discuss how leaders can craft their messages so their teams won’t forget. If your message is forgettable, it gets corrupted as it spreads throughout your organization.

If you’re sick of finding out everyone’s unclear on a message you thought was well-broadcasted, you’ll want to watch today’s episode.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Why you need to focus your message if you are tired of being misunderstood.
  • Why there’s an inverse relationship between organizational size and the complexity of your message. Big organizations require simple messaging.
  • How lack of definition in your message will cause teams to fill in the blanks and make up their own message.

So, how do get your team to carry the message with them as they strive to achieve your mission? How do you send an unforgettable message? There are four steps you can take.


#1 – Examine the “WHY” of your message.

  • Examine whether your team understands the WHY behind your WHAT. The biggest mistake you can make in leadership is thinking that everyone understands why they’re doing what they’re doing. They don’t!
  • Repeat “WHY” instead of thinking for your team. Put an end to the false belief that your team isn’t paid to think, they’re paid to do.
  • Broadcasting “WHY” is more efficient. When having your forty-fifth meeting to get everyone on the same page finally makes you nauseated, it’s time for you to explain WHY to your team.

#2 – Inject PASSION in your message.

  • The more complicated your organization, the more intentional you must be about injecting passion in every level.
  • Passion degrades as your team grows. The people closest to you hear and feel your passion. Outside that circle, passion degrades fast. Your passion must be contagious.
  • Spin off a piece of your passion to your closest reports. Next, let your direct reports spin off passion to their team. This isn’t about trying to duplicate yourself. No one can duplicate your exact passion. Pass the torch of passion to your team. Let them pass the torch to their team.

#3 – Scrutinize the LANGUAGE of your message.

  • The larger your organization the more simplistic your messages must become. Complex messages are forgettable. Simple messages are unforgettable. You’d think the larger the organization, the more complex the message could become. It’s just the opposite.
  • Everyone, no matter their role, must understand a simple message that unites them to the broader organization. How they relate to the team and to each other.
  • Develop a unique, tribal language for your organization. Spend time thinking about the phrases you use inside your teams. These phrases can become containers for the “WHY” of your message. Develop language triggers that catapult passion into a bland environment.

#4 – Check the DEFINITION of your message. 

  • Define what success looks like within your message: what it tastes like and what it feels like.
  • Do it up front. Unless your team knows how to define success up front, the message won’t be yours. Someone else will super impose their own definition. Your message can be hijacked. It’s impossible to reclaim messages once they’ve been perverted.

Add your comments below. What’s one message you need to make unforgettable for your team?

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Matthew DeYoung is a serial entrepreneur. He is the cofounder of Breakthrough Leadership. He has been a cofounder of six other internet-based startup businesses. His past consulting clients have included Walt Disney, Universal Studios, Target, NASCAR, and the NBA. As a learner, he is always trying to demystify the leadership aspects of business. Matthew has been married for 17 years and has two daughters.

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