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AUDIO: How to Become a Leader That Other People Want to Follow

by Greg Yates | Breakthrough Leadership

Did you know there’s a difference between leaders and super-heroes? I used to get confused on that; just being honest. You see, people love super heroes, but they never believe they can follow them. They just want super heroes to do for them what they can’t do for themselves.

Super hero leaders create spectators, not followers. Super heroes can only build tribes of other super heroes.

People don’t typically follow generals who give orders from a safe position either. They may follow their orders, but they don’t follow them.

There’s a difference between respect and followership. It’s possible followership itself is a calling.

Authority does not automatically evoke followership. Especially not voluntary followership. The only path to a passionate group of followers is through a culture of sharing. If you want to become a leader that other people want to follow, you’re going to actively share three powerfully important things.

Share Your Vision

Not where you want them to go but of where YOU ARE GOING. I will follow you willingly and actively if I know where we’re going, and I want to go there with you. Your strategies, your secrets, and your isolation never foster loyalty to the vision.

Share Your Struggle

You don’t have all the answers, but you’re committed to the destination. You are inviting people to become part of your story, to share in your journey and that means struggle. Leaders are tempted to sugar-coat the path because they’re afraid others won’t want to persevere through struggle. That’s a mistake. Invite people into your struggle and your vulnerability will be your bond.

Share Your Passion

You’re going somewhere that you’ve never been and you’re passionate about it. Give others the freedom to share theirs. You will need their faith, for them to echo back the passion you have shared and rekindle the flame that warms and fuels the team on the journey.

You’ll never truly lead or have disciples on your journey by trying to convince others to agree with you. Share the stories around the campfire, listen to the echo and never forget that true living is about passion, struggle and vision.

That’s Breakthrough Leadership.

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