In episode 26 of “Yates in Your Face, Greg Yates discusses why operating within your capabilities is restricting the capacity of your leadership.

As the leader, you are the one people depend on. You’re supposed to have the answers, right?

The problem solver. Is that what you are destined to be? Is that the contribution your leadership is supposed to make?

God’s plan for your leadership, the purpose for which you were created, extends beyond what you think are your strengths and your gifts.

There is more to achieve than being a problem solver. How about a leader that’s a visionary, innovative, inspirational, and passionate?

It’s time to lead outside of the box and allow God’s vision for your success drive your efforts to places you never thought possible.


I was desperate. I didn’t know what to do. All my problem solving had only made things worse. I begged God for the answers and He seemed silent. I was the one everyone depended on. I always figured out the answers, but not this time.

How could it be good for me to fail?

Only God knows what the ignition point is.

Where I finally reach the end of myself and unless He takes over, I’m out of gas. Let’s face it, no matter how disciplined and determined I am, if the only things I accomplish are what I’m capable of accomplishing, it’s meaningless.

Did the Apostles do only what they could accomplish?

Did they speak and act out of their own strength?

In fact, was their strength ever seen?

Maybe their effort to throw the nets over the other side of the boat at Jesus request… that’s about it. When they exhibited their strength, they usually messed things up. Now THAT, I understand!

The idea that we are supposed to work only in our areas of strength or spiritual gifts seems severely egotistical to me now.

Every time I’ve seen God really at work miraculously in power it was at the END of any human strengths or gifts.

What if your highest contribution will only happen when you EXCEED your capability?

What if God will only unleash His plan in your life, your team, or your business when you’ve FINALLY reached the end of yourself?

When you’re desperate enough to BELIEVE in what’s beyond your capability?

Read my book.

I’ve learned this from painful, joyous experience. When you finally reach the end of your capability, God is anxious to sub in. Don’t be afraid to set goals, follow your calling and let God unlock your created purpose somewhere BEYOND your strength or your gifts.

Take a leap of faith and exceed your capability. That’s where you’ll find Breakthrough.

About Greg

Greg Yates has been a Chicago area businessman for over 30 years. He’s the author of the book, "Broken - How Being Broken Unlocked The Greatest Success of My Life". He has simultaneously owned 14 different businesses in a variety of industries; including real estate, manufacturing, payroll, and technology. Greg has also been an investor and a board member. He attended Olivet Nazarene University. He has a passion for flying. He’s had a pilot’s license for over 30 years and owned a variety of airplanes. Greg and his wife Vicki have been married over 37 years. They have a son, a daughter and seven grandchildren.

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