In today’s special episode, Greg talks with Gary W. Moore, critically acclaimed author and motivational speaker, about how creativity plays a leading role in christian leadership.

Gary W. Moore has lead several successful companies focused on direct sales and marketing. In his tenure as a business executive, He served as the CEO of several publicly traded companies. He has also authored several books including Playing with the Enemy, a critically acclaimed book that will soon be made into a major motion picture.

In today’s video, Greg and Gary discuss the greatest challenges leaders face today: stifling the creativity of their team instead of encouraging creativity within their team.

In this episode you will learn –

  • How discern which members of you should allow yourself to receive council from
  • Why expecting to plant a seed of creativity in your team is a recipe for failure
  • How asking questions encourages the creative process for your team


1. Encourage Creativity In Your Team By…Listening to the council of others.

  • The best leaders are great listeners.
  • You can’t expect to be able to take in the advice and feedback of every member of your team.
  • You must design a group of no more than 5 people that you listen to and adjust your decisions accordingly.
  • You can’t lead without listening to the members of your team that are on the front lines.

2. Encourage Creativity In Your Team By…Asking Questions.

  • Asking questions instead of making statements.
  • By putting a period at the end of a statement, it suppresses your team’s ability to stumble upon creative solutions.
  • Thinking there is only one answer to your problem KILLS CREATIVITY.

3. Encourage Creativity In Your Team By…Recognizing Each Employee’s Gifts.

  • In order to be a leader, you must train other leaders.
  • Be prayerful and discerning about their gifts, and then expanding on their gifts.
  • Some people are born with creativity and others develop creativity.
  • Don’t expect to simply plant the seed of creativity, and watch it manifest.

About Greg

Greg Yates has been a Chicago area businessman for over 30 years. He’s the author of the book, "Broken - How Being Broken Unlocked The Greatest Success of My Life". He has simultaneously owned 14 different businesses in a variety of industries; including real estate, manufacturing, payroll, and technology. Greg has also been an investor and a board member. He attended Olivet Nazarene University. He has a passion for flying. He’s had a pilot’s license for over 30 years and owned a variety of airplanes. Greg and his wife Vicki have been married over 37 years. They have a son, a daughter and seven grandchildren.

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