In today’s episode (Vlog Season 01, Episode 11), Greg and Matt talk about the importance of shaping your company’s culture.

If you asked everyone on your team to define your company’s culture, would you get the same answer from each person? Too often, leaders overlook the importance of clearly defining company culture. If you don’t prioritize building a culture that supports your mission, it will take shape on it’s own.

If you aren’t sure whether your culture is crystal clear to your team, watch today’s breakthrough video.

In this episode you will learn:

– How your example effects the potency of your culture

– Why expecting everyone, without exception, to “live the culture” isn’t too much to ask

– Why it’s crucial you live the culture, even when you aren’t at work


1. As a leader, you must…define culture.

  • Your company’s culture will shape itself, unless you clearly define it.
  • Without a clear definition, each member of your team will have a different perception of your culture.
  • By defining culture, it becomes measurable.
  • Successes and failures are measured by defining the objective of the culture.

2. As a leader, you must…demonstrate culture.

  • Demonstrate your culture in all aspects of your life.
  • If you are not living out your culture 24/7, it doesn’t exist.
  • Your company’s culture will be strengthened by the opportunity to demonstrate culture.

3. As a leader, you must…demand culture.

  • Allowing alternatives to your culture to exist in your company is a virus that must be dealt with.
  • Not demanding culture will lead to breakdown.
  • Everyone on your team must live the culture, without exception.

Add your comments below: Have you been actively defining your culture lately, or has it been defining itself? How have you dealt with any alternatives present in your company’s team culture?

About Matthew

Matthew DeYoung is a serial entrepreneur. He is the cofounder of Breakthrough Leadership. He has been a cofounder of six other internet-based startup businesses. His past consulting clients have included Walt Disney, Universal Studios, Target, NASCAR, and the NBA. As a learner, he is always trying to demystify the leadership aspects of business. Matthew has been married for 17 years and has two daughters.

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