I was just thinking about what you might need to know about me. You know; the things that really matter. Let me give it a shot.

I’m not challenging Superman for his cape these days.

I’m just tired of chasing the validation of culturally defined success and watching other leaders get trapped in it too. Especially Christian leaders.

I hate watching leaders wear masks, run in endless loops and fight meaningless distracting fights just like the ones I fought for decades. I mean I really hate it.  It’s not right. We’re fighting back.

I’ve made mistakes.  Some big ones. I’m talking Prison. I’ve got regrets. You need to know that About Me too. People who believe in heroes don’t like me much anymore but I’ve learned that leaders are desperate to hear my story. I strive to be authentic even when I wish I could tell it another way. I own my failures. I believe in grace, forgiveness and healing that exceed human conditions.

I know what it’s like to be fueled by public opinion and what it’s like to finally see beyond the limiting beliefs of constant performance based circumstantial beliefs.

I’m a man of faith who finally figured out what I had.

I believe in divine purpose and I’m passionate about pursuing it.

I have conversations about topics others can’t believe I’m talking about. I break down doors that make people uncomfortable, but also set some of them free.

I was broken and instead of denying it and running from it, I OWNED it.  I still do, even though I wish it weren’t true.

I made a lot of money and my success got in the way of my satisfaction. I found out, I’m not alone. We’ve been deceived, fitting into the mold, being politically correct and forgetting how to lead in passionate, purpose filled revolutions that matter.  But we also need to be willing to be broken. There is freedom in it.  Satisfaction too.

I don’t have all the answers but I’ve learned to be comfortable when I don’t understand.

I’ve been a leader all my life and now I’m training other leaders.  I help them grow, build teams and make money. But most of all, I help them write their own page of brokenness that leads them to Breakthrough.

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