Breakthrough Leadership Manifesto


1. The twin catalysts of Purpose and Passion will ignite change in leaders and teams.

2. Supporting and equipping Breakthrough for people will revive the leadership joy in our companies, churches, and governments.

3. Teams will be revealed as our greatest resource as each individual contributes to the mission from their highest created purpose with shared ‘same-page’ thinking.

4. Resistance will refine our leadership instead of breaking down the mission.

5. Sharing Breakthrough generously with leaders across the globe will kindle a Movement that changes the culture of teamwork from burdensome to euphoric.


We have a dream…

Where children laugh in unburdened imagination. Where our greatest hopes and ambitions are shared and celebrated with unrestrained joy.  Where the satisfaction of leadership lies in the cultivation of passion and they are honored, not for position but for the clarity of their mission.

We seek a God-like passion to rekindle the dreamer within the fragile circumstances of life. To see the greatness trapped behind eyes of despair. To raise our swords against the atrocity that buries our brothers and sisters in hopeless loops.

We were born for this. To breathe the air of passion. To cry with joy at the humbled expression of another. To taste the hunger that precedes belief and share the endless resources of the living body, bearing fruit of divine design.

We see the shadow of oppression and remember its reign of terror. We war against it in practiced thought, faith and vision. The twin catalysts of purpose and passion break through like mountain peaks penetrating the clouds. They demand to be seen, to be known, to ignite change through the force of collective human light.

We live to raise up the innocent. To seek them, support them and equip them with all our strength.

The anomaly must not be freedom but the atrocity of those we cannot help break free. We celebrate a singular focus.  We reject the limiting beliefs fathered by circumstance. We drain the cesspool of tolerance that pollutes the waters of our collective potential. We pursue every discipline to become our best, pursue our dreams and reach toward our highest created purpose.

We administer the cure for the nausea of our culture. We restore the laughter and celebrate the unfettered thoughts roaring to the surface in thundering response to the pent-up momentum of our souls.

We tap the greatest resource of all mankind. The power of lives, released in shared passion, shared atrocity, shared pain, the shared enemies and shared surrender to one clear mission worthy of our lives.  And when we share it, we cannot be stopped.

Yes, we will face adversity. It will purify our resolve.

We will face the gravity of circumstance. It will chisel into existence our chosen beliefs.

We will be tested and it will train our hands for battle and our fingers for war.

We will face the fears common to us all, and hear their hollow threats dissolve as harmless noises of the night which cannot remain in the breakthrough of light.

We have a dream.  And we will pursue this dream with all our strength.  We will sharpen our skills and refine our means to share it.  We will generously lavish this on the world, not because we will be embraced by many but because we will aid in the salvation of a few.

We have a dream. Where the sacred hush of awe is endowed upon the culture of our teams. A dream where the combined forces of passion bring to bear the unlimited fury that is everything we hunger to possess. We live to serve a movement which calls out for others to join in the joy, the warfare, and the worship of their highest created purpose.

We have a dream, fulfilled in the passionate pursuit of a shared definition of Success.


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