Overcoming 10 Common Leadership Fears


Audio # 2 - The Fear of Missing Out

Are you fulfilled or missing out?

The Fear of Missing Out might be the granddaddy fear of them all. The Fear of Missing Out is so common it even has its own acronym, FOMO.

Buying new businesses you don’t need, and don't love, is like overspending on clothes you’re never going to wear. This strategy doesn't line up with God’s plan for our legacy. God wants us to be fulfilled in Him, not the latest shiny object or opportunity. Often we don’t realize we hunger to be fulfilled in all the wrong places. We’re afraid to miss out.

Here are some ways you can prevent FOMO from placing limits on your leadership:

Avoid Being Trapped By The Fear of Missing Out

Chasing business deals, or analyzing minutia to find the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, is not going to offer fulfillment. It's a journey with no destination! There's no moment of arrival, just a temporary high.

You can observe FOMO placing limits on your leadership when you find yourself over-reacting or under-reacting to opportunities. The Fear of Missing Out is like a fight or flight reaction.

You might be jumping from one opportunity to the next without reason. Or, you may be overanalyzing your perfect opportunity, sending you into the mode of “paralysis by analyses”. Either way, FOMO is invoked by our mindset. We believe we'll miss out on our big chance, or maybe our only chance. A belief that we'll miss out on our big chance keeps us chasing.

Stop The Virus Before It Spreads

FOMO is a virus that often prevents you from achieving your established objectives. Learn to identify the most common symptoms of FOMO so you can stop this leadership virus from making your whole business unhealthy.

Watch for these FOMO symptoms:

  • The opportunity is attached to a limited time offer you can’t pass up.
  • The opportunity has promised results that seem almost unbelievable.
  • The opportunity suggests you are the only one qualified to take advantage of it.
  • The opportunity seems to take very little effort to receive the return it promises.
  • The opportunity promises satisfaction and pleasure, never sacrifice.

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1. Decide whether FOMO is driving you, or whether you are driving to your purpose. Power and potential are great, but without a driver, even the most amazing vehicle is wasted.

2. Avoid being led by impulse. Turn the fear of missing out on its head by pulling it out of the subconscious and using the God-Given gift of your conscious mind.

3. Choose now who you will serve. Every choice you make is an exchange. Do you want to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season? Or, do you want to achieve the greatest destiny for which you were created?

4. Remember, every choice is a single yes that says 'NO' to a hundred other possibilities.

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