Overcoming 10 Common Leadership Fears


Audio # 1 - The Fear of Being Wrong

Mistakes often provide our greatest ability to lead. Breakthrough Leaders have learned and grown from their mistakes.

I wouldn’t be surprised to hear you say, “I don’t have the fear of being wrong.” (You do notice the irony in this argument, don't you?)

Talking about FEAR is a prerequisite for any leadership success. The moment you’re willing to discuss fear, you can use it to your advantage. You can turn it on its head. You just have to know how.

Here are some key mindsets any leader can use to turn the Fear of Being Wrong on it’s head.

Unplug From The Labels You’ve Used For Fear.

If you want to leverage fear into your own breakthrough, you’re going to have to call it what it is. Give it a name. Identify and label the exact fear that’s holding you back. If you can give your limits a label you can be a conqueror.   And, with God’s Spirit, you can become more than a Conqueror

Accept How The Fear of Being Wrong Affects Your Leadership

If you don’t think, “but, what if I’m wrong?” at least once a day, I’d be surprised.

You can contemplate every possible outcome. You can even throw up a few prayers with your fingers crossed (as we often do AFTER our plans are already made). The Fear of Being wrong is at the heart of every moment of every leader’s decision making.

Taking a "buck-stops-with-me" approach only isolates you. Soon isolation can harden you.

Acknowledge The Invisible Leadership Weight That Comes With The Fear of Being Wrong

Having the Fear of Being Wrong is a massive drag against the flow of our leadership. We pray about our decisions. But, it can feel like God isn’t on our timetable.

The weight of our businesses can crush us. We unwittingly structure the weight of our organization like an upside down pyramid. One false move and game over. Balancing an upside down pyramid on our nose is unproductive. That's the metaphor we're living out if success relies on you being right 100% of the time.

Recognize You Are Not Disqualified

Being wrong DOES NOT disqualify you as a leader. Occasionally everyone is wrong. SO, what are we trying to protect? Answer: our EGO. Mistakes aren’t a measure of your qualification or worthiness as a leader. The Fear of Being Wrong can show up in our leadership, and on our teams, in the form of a severe case of “I-need-to-be-right”. If we have to be right at any cost, fear is already embedded.

Our disqualifications from our mistakes often provide our greatest ability to lead. Who would you prefer to follow? The person who has never been tested by the fire of leadership, with hundreds of employees? Or, the person who has learned and grown from their mistakes?

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1. Avoid compounding your Fear of Being Wrong by issuing opinions and knee jerk responses before you’ve gathered sufficient information.

2. Make a commitment to yourself to seek perspective from other people instead of trying to always be right.

3. Seek at least four other opinions before you disclose your own perspective on any leadership level issue. Set yourself up for success and build your team in the process.

I’d love to hear your comments on the Fear of Being Wrong.  

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